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April 3
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.::Whats left to do?...::. by xAsleepTillDuskXx .::Whats left to do?...::. by xAsleepTillDuskXx

.::Whats left to do? xAsleepTillDuskXx

Waiting and waiting,she got up. "where is he?..." she sighed since it was almost 10 and he hadn't came over today like he promised her since he was supposed to come two hours ago.She felt her heart sink in a bit then went into his room "Pollux??" she said as she knocked,yet there was no answer then bit her lip. "god damn..." she said in a whisper then looked down stairs and started asking people "Has anyone see Pollux??" everyone said no,except one saying he left outside...this made it sink lower thinking two possible answers that he was his brother or a group captured him so she headed outside with bow he made her in hand. She took the normal route since it was the safest route. As she walked she didn't bother with a hoodie or a jacket since pollux would of just let her use his.That made her smile as it gave her hope that be would be fine in the end.As the smile was stuck on her face with nervousness her eyes popped open and jaw drop as she saw one bloody chewed up lumineon wing leaving a trail of blood to somewhere. "please don't be who I think it is,please don't be who I think it is!!!" she shouted and followed.That was when she gasped and dropped everything in her hand to cover her mouth as tears started to run down her face.The chain was the first thing far off like it was dropped and untouched with blood,but his hoodie was covered in it along with a few parts of pollux left.She took off his jacket first before then washing her hands in a near by deep puddle,then his chain before just staring at it.Since she remembered how they first met,him bumping into her and his chain and her pipe getting tangled together...and how from a friendship turned into a relationship.It made her brawl out her eyes as she cussed under her breath asking why did he had to go,since she already lost all her friends a few weeks ago and now him.This made her heart sank the lowest as it can go "...and now im all alone..." she said quietly.She shook her head as she knew what needed to do,and that was to take the body to his brother.

Pic,song inspired: Famous last words-Lust of the lost…

Description,inspired:  Yoav Ft Emily browning- Where is my mind?…

I had too aha ;-;
the only thing that is good about is the improvement tch
and realized her necklace god damn... oh well
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